Business and government is portrayed in the Trilogy as they really appear to be in my mind:  some good, some bad, some pure evil.

It is my belief that the political Right in America is attempting to pass new laws that are pure evil, undermine constitutional protections (i.e., right to choose; suppress voter participation) and misuse laws to advantage the rich and powerful.  Justice is an anachronism from the distant pass, if it ever existed.

My belief is that law exists as a shield for the ordinary citizen to walk freely, express themselves freely, and lead a private life free from government intrusion.  I believe that both governments and big business separately and together are attempting to, and succeeding at, undermining my rights.

The law has become a sword wielded against the ordinary citizen, with respect for tolerating differences being castigated.  Compromise is a dirty word on the Right; just look at what happened during the eight years of the Obama administration.  When did Senator Mitch McConnell begin the obstruction of new Obama policies he hadn’t even seen yet, even policies Republicans proposed and supported.  The night of Obama’s first Inauguration.

Opinion?  No, fact.

Distractions into sops for the masses are everywhere.  Americans know more about reality stars and pop music than they do our own government, the importance of voting and the political process.

If you don’t know, or don’t care, you will get the government you deserve.

I am a lifelong Democrat, a liberal who believes in social liberty and fiscal conservatism.  A old time Jerry Brown Democrat.  People who benefit most from America should pay their fair share of taxes, not buy politicians in order to pay less.

Legislatures are corrupt with the distinction between bribery on one hand and political contributions on the other making no sense to me at all.  The political process is bought on both sides.

Does it need to be torn down and returned to the people?  Or can it be returned to the course intended?  If change does not occur, when the American people finally wake up, the Revolution will be at hand, and the politicians will need to go into hiding.

I think President Barack Obama has been the best President since FDR.  I think Reagan was a fraud and a liar, who colluded with the Iranians about the timing of the release of the American hostages for political benefit; then there was Iran/Contra.  Reagan is a myth and was an empty suit.  Look back to the decline of America in wages, benefits and quality of jobs since 1980, begin with PATCO, and you’ll find that Reagan was the starting point.

I think Christian Right wing groups are about as Christian as ISIS.  They should toss out the Old Testament, and read the Gospel of Christ on the New Testament.  If I go anywhere in the Bible, that’s where I go.  Though my favorite passage in the Bible is still Psalm 23, I still pray the Lord’s Prayer.

Wisdom need not come from one source.

I am a Deist, like Thomas Jefferson and many of the founding fathers, even George Washington.

I am white, privileged, and educated. I do not pretend to know what God wants; neither should anyone else.  The Bible, Koran, Torah, and all other religious books written by men (not women) are interesting reads, but hardly represent what I believe a loving God wants of us.

We all are born the way we are.  That must be what God intended for whatever reason God intends anything.

America is a secular nation.  Chilling my rights under the Constitution should be a criminal offense.  Attacking/shaming women who exercise their rights under the law should suffer extreme penalties.  This includes a woman’s right to choose.  States passing laws that do not respect the Constitution should be punished, and severely for their willing and conscious effort to undermine respect for the rule of law.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

What I wish to do and which is legal in America is none of your business.  Stay out of my bedroom and my private life.

It is not a crime for a man to love a man, or a woman to love a woman.

Polyamorous relationships exist, have always existed, and will always exist.  If this shocks you, look around or read up.

Pansexuality is reality; deal with it.  We all exist on a sliding scale of sexual attraction.

Government should keep order, fairly and without resort to the use of force against people who pose no threat.  Freedom of expression is what makes us great, not the opposite.

I detest the slow curbing of my rights to free expression and the intrusion into my right to privacy.  Monitoring my phone calls, my email and my other means of communication are the stuff or repressive regimes.  The path to totalitarianism in America will be slow.  Then, one day we will wake up and wonder how it happened.

I love and hate technology.  While I am not a neo-Luddist or Luddite, I could be.  I have great fears, as expressed by Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk about the dangers of AI, artificial intelligence.  The Terminator movies may not be complete fiction.  I have further concerns about our dependence on tech.  We may be one EMP away from the stone ages.

Just because we can do something does not mean we should.

Large corporations wield too much political power, regularly lie, and distort facts, and misuse the laws in ways never intended.