I believed as a young man that America was heading toward that “more perfect union”, that education would lead the way, and that the world I would hand over to my son would be better than the world I was born to.  For the most part, tech and innovation has changed much of my world.

But corruption and misuse of power are not among the advances.  Politicians lead the way.

Show me in any meaningful way the difference between “bribery” and “political contributions”, and I’ll show you a politician defending nuance.  There is no significant difference.  Laws make distinctions without a difference.

Get rid of money, lobbyists, and influence peddling.  Make politics available to those with the best ideas and character, and reform America.  Make it a Democracy not a legal Kleptocracy.

I say we can fix it.  My son thinks it needs to be torn down.  One or the other will happen, and the Revolution may come  from both the Left and the Right simultaneously.

Read the Declaration of Independence.  When government becomes the oppressor, the citizenry has the right to throw off its shackles and begin again.  If you think it can’t happen in America, think again.  When the Left begins to arm like the Right, watch out.

The degree to which elected officials have perverted the legislative process is mind boggling, and it happened while I watched.  Slowly, carefully and under cover of darkness.  Special interests, the rich and powerful have bought legislators and legislation.  If you think otherwise, you’re either in that group, support them, or are just ignorant.  When your liberties and ability to redress your grievances fundamentally disappear, don’t say you weren’t warned.  We’re headed there now, and I fear we want our smart phones more than we value that incorporeal thing we call freedom.

If the tech develops that develops in this Trilogy ever becomes reality, I doubt the tyrants will be benevolent.

Orwell’s 1984 was not just a piece of fiction – it is a good read.  It was a warning of things to come.

And, for what it’s worth, fuck Ayn Rand.