They live among us.

Adam St. James, software genius and savant Chief Technologist of the massive US federal DataLab Project, had just returned to his home in Barrows Bay, British Columbia from Tucson, Arizona.  He had spent the better part of the past month working on a pro bono assignment for his father’s friend Peter Berg, Regional Director of the FBI, working out of the Seattle field office.  His favor for the FBI was to secure the mother lode and Holy Grail of the FBI’s Joint Organized Crime Task Force that Berg believed he had accidentally stumbled upon.  Mere fortuity had led him to what he thought was fifty years or more of Mafia financial books and records detailing organized criminality from Seattle to Miami and all points in between.

What Adam found was nothing even remotely resembling what Regional Director Berg was looking for.  It had been a small clerical error made by a temp transposing a letter or two in a last name that led Adam St. James to his incredible discovery.  But this discovery was too incredible, too massive to even contemplate as being authentic.  Adam himself did not believe it could be true.  Would he be proven correct or was the truth too immeasurably stranger than fiction?

If Adam had accidently stumbled upon a great discovery, it would mean that he had fortuitously confirmed the existence of the cryptid of all cryptids.  Had Adam found scientific and verifiable proof of the existence of an unknown species of creatures capable of transforming to human form or was this some immense practical joke designed to annoy and embarrass him and his father, noted forensic archeologist and author, Edward St. James?

The journey is fantastic, the discovery, if true, immense.

But will Adam and his eclectic family survive discovery?  Will humanity?

Cryptid:  Discovery is Volume One of the Trilogy that chronicles the discovery of the Gens Collective, ancient and primal beings previously unknown to humanity but living among mankind as crypto humans.

Cryptid:  Probe is Volume Two of the Trilogy as Adam continues his mission to prove the existence of the Gens Collective and verify the plot of the rogue Gens Black Shirts to obliderate all human life on the planet.

Cryptid:  Resolution is Volume Three of the Trilogy sets the stage for the resolution of the coming apocalyptic war of the species and the fate of the planet.

Murder, intrigue, deception, treachery, lust and betrayal all come together in the Cryptid Trilogy as mankind faces off against an unknown species bent on its total destruction as the dominant species on the planet.

Adam continues to develop his amazing natural abilities as he seeks to understand and control them.  How will this saga end?