The Trilogy is a work of fiction and things presented as facts may fit into one of three or more categories that should be made clear.

1.- Historical figures and places are facts. Julius Caesar did exist, he fought in Gaul and had battles with German tribes.

2.- Conversations and events with fictional characters did not take place. I have no idea what conversations Julius Caesar had with anyone.

3.- Some events are minimized, some are augmented. Poetic/prose license.

4.- This is a work of fiction. It is not intended as a history lesson, but may simply be my take or opinion on history and historical figures.  For examples, I think many “great leaders’ were psychopaths.  They were not great in any sense of the word; defeating any enemy by genocide is not something I would celebrate.

5.- Having said the foregoing, much of history should be judged in context. It’s easy for me to say what Julius Caesar did made him a monster.  He was probably not by the standards of the day.

6.- What I present that is true is included to make a point. You will see it or not; agree with it or not.  I don’t care.

7.- I am a storyteller, and that is all I am.

8.- I try to be accurate about facts, but even when I’m not, I doubt it affects the story itself.