This is a tricky topic as our collaborations have taken place over many years, usually on long trips or at night at home in altered state.

What we have discussed, from politics to physics and everything in between, has been wide ranging, fact based and intellectually stimulating.  I have learned a great deal from my son’s intellectual pursuits but we consistently fact check each other, a habit he learned and developed on his own.  He is an auto -didact; he reads up even on subjects I know he dislikes just to be informed.  His knowledge is wide ranging and accurate.

My co-author annoys me to no end.  We argue incessantly but even at the end of our most tense conversations we finish without rancor.  Then we start over the next day with fresh disagreements.

The process of accumulation of my knowledge and ideas, and my experience, Jacob and his knowledge and experiences, and research is what found its way into the Trilogy in some form.