Some will read the Trilogy and interpret the portrayal as anti-cop and anti-FBI.  This is totally and unequivocally wrong.  Do I want cops at my front door when I’m in the middle of a home invasion?  Yes I do.  Do I want them bullying and coercing me and my neighbors?  No, I do not.  Do I want law enforcement and prosecutors twisting the truth and perjuring themselves?  No, I do not.  These choices are not binary as Chiefs of Police, the Prosecutors and government officials would like to make you think.  Then, they try to explain away obvious crimes committed by law enforcement.  This is particularly true in the case of people of color; I see a lot less of this conduct against white folk.

What I want is even handed application of the rules and statutes regarding law enforcement.  Simple fairness; but retaliation happens, and justice is far from uniform in America.

Canada has its own issues as does Mexico.

I have witnessed great kindness from the police, and great cruelty, firsthand.  I have had good personal encounters and watched women being ignored for sexual assault by husbands.  I have had a gun pointed at me, commanding to move immediately or get shot.

I have watched on TV News as police murder young black men and somehow get off with one poor excuse or another.  I have read police false police reports which let law enforcement get away with lying; I have also heard that sometimes they do not.  They get caught in their own lies.

Young Black men gunned down by police; either not prosecuted or set free by juries who listen to police lie every day for a living.  “I was in fear of my life.”  Yeah, by a twelve year old Black kid with a toy.

On balance, I trust the FBI more than local law enforcement.  I believe that racism exists rampantly in local law enforcement and any statements to the contrary claiming even handed treatment are pure fiction.

We need the police.  We do not need criminals posing in uniform

I think every cop every year should take a polygraph on their conduct and violations of law, police brutality and graft.

I believe when cops say that next time they might not show up to protect me because I call them out, they should be fired and then put in jail.

I believe that most cops do their job, are good folks and try to serve the community they are in.

I believe most cops are decent human beings.

I have first-hand knowledge of cops having sexual relations with underage teenage girls and their colleagues saying nothing about it.

I have first-hand knowledge of cops treating some citizens better than others.

I believe that male cops have little sympathy or care for women in the sex trade.  If they die, are murdered, or beaten to a pulp, so what?

Many citizens who need protection don’t get it; many who are rich and powerful get more than they deserve.

Too many excuses are made by prosecutors and politicians regarding police misconduct.

I think I would not want to be young, Black, and male confronting police, especially white police.

Racial profiling against Blacks and Latinos is epidemic in proportions.

Most crime, especially drug offenses, are prosecuted against Black and Latino kids far more often and far less often against white kids, though usage rates are about equal.  These crimes are mostly committed by white kids who somehow get off scott free.  Black and Latino kids are criminals; white kids are just “experimenting”.

I am white, educated, and privileged.  I am not stupid or blind.