The names used in the Cryptid Trilogy derive from two basic sources.  First are the names that are just invented to describe beings not of this world, meaning the real world.  If a name is “invented” but exists presently or has in the past, it is a complete accident.  Most other names come from experience with people who are known to us, in one way or another.  They might be family or friends (or ex-family), co-workers I liked, personalities or just names of historical folk I admired.  None are the actual combined names of anyone I know with one exception.  That exception is a former boss I much admired less for his skill in managing me, a task I’m sure he often regretted, than for just being a nice guy who is smart as hell.  His command of the English language is remarkable, and his tips for remembering his English lessons I received were truly excellent.

Most names are a first name of one person combined with the last name of another person.

As to family, that’s a little easier to figure out.  Adam, one of the main characters, is middle name of my co-author while Adam’s father Edward, is my middle name.  My brother’s first name is in the mix somewhere too.  Some names are a first, middle or last name of a woman I dated.  Most probably don’t remember me, and those who do might still hold a grudge.  Hard to tell sometimes, but it’s better to keep them to myself.

I must admit that naming characters was one of the most fun parts of writing the Trilogy; a few might even figure out to whom I refer.  If so, I hope their memories are good ones.