My personal belief about gender identity is that it does no matter one whit to me.  With whom you fall in love, to make a life together is your business, not mine.  I am not gay, though have and have had many friends, clients and co-workers who are gay, male and female.

In the Trilogy, I reference female homosexuality almost exclusively, though I will admit I have had far fewer lesbian friends than gay male friends.

When it comes to falling in love, I cannot say, nor do I know or believe, that gay men or lesbians fall in love any differently than heterosexual couples. My portrayal of lesbian relationships and bisexual relationships follows what I know about love, attraction, lust, and commitment in my own life, as inept at relationships as I have been.

I have made this a central theme of the Trilogy because it is a part of modern day life that was scandalous when I was young, but about which my son thinks nothing.  He has gay friends, Black friends, and Latino friends, and has all his life.  For him, it isn’t an issue; I’m not sure why it would be for me.

Gay marriage has been a key turning point in America and that long arc of history that Barack Obama spoke of so eloquently does bend toward justice.

If the inclusion of gay and bisexual characters offends, this is probably not the book for you.

Everything is tastefully included, hopefully with the respect and care it is due.

If I have offended the gay and lesbian community, an apology is due.  It was never my intention.