The words sociopath and psychopath are not actual medical terms.  The terms are used in the Trilogy as reference points of assumed degrees of craziness and dangerousness.  As I understand it, medical professionals prefer to use the term “antisocial personality disorder”.  Still there are common reference points distinguishing the two terms.

Sociopaths are not necessarily, under the common usage of the team, crazy or dangerous.  Over time, some symptoms lessen and those with the putative condition can integrate socially well.  Often, the sociopath is considered one who lacks a conscience, or empathy, or any number of lesser positive social behaviors.  In addition, levels of antisocial behaviors may be noted, but still allow individuals to integrate successfully into society.

A sociopath will not likely kill you, but may be indifferent or unable to comprehend certain emotions.

Psychopaths suggest a different set of more dangerous behaviors that do not lessen, but become worse with age and experience.

In the Trilogy, certain characters are described as sociopaths in an offhanded manner or at least as accepting that they have sociopathic tendencies such as lack of empathy or indifference to the emotional pain of others.  I believe I have portrayed them correctly in common understanding.

There are psychopaths described too, but their behaviors will not need clarification.