There will probably be a wide divergence of opinion on the matter of Technology and Privacy as I have treated the issues in the Trilogy.  The intrusions come from big business and government, cloaked in law.  I doubt very few people read the “terms of service” that they check off to use a website; I know I don’t.

This allows intrusion no matter whether it is social media or your bank.  Websites want to know where you are (cookies) and want to profile you for any number of reasons.  Retailers pricing products can be adjusted by territory.  I can assure you one thing: these developments are not good, and we will one day come to regret this aspect of tech.  Sure, I love my cell and my computer, my access to shows and music.  But do I understand the implications of these toys?  No, I don’t.

Recent disclosures that government can control cars and TVs, accessing conversations does not particularly shock me.  I’d love to know, just generically, what DARPA is working on for the military.

That scares me and should scare you.  The takeover of our privacy rights is slow and steady, often codified into law for the governments and businesses that want to keep track of us.  The justifications always sound reasonable, but rely on one faulty premise:  that big business and government won’t misuse the information they obtain from us.  Are were coerced into signing away various rights and consents?  Yes, every day.  Sign here or no cell phone service.

What, generally, is our bargaining power?  None.  Rights against the government?  Zero.

The NSA.  I do not trust them, the CIA and even the FBI.  Prosecutors are liars and perjurers, especially in drug cases, and regularly manufacture evidence regularly to gain convictions.  Law enforcement uses tech against us, even when we’ve done nothing wrong.

Cash seizure laws are misused every day.  Every day.

I want these people to do their jobs fairly and evenhandedly without spying on me.  I want a right to privacy that matters.

I believe there is an unholy alliance, a vast whisper conspiracy, between prosecutors and police on one hand, and the citizenry on the other.  Prosecutors need convictions and police can get that for them.

A policeman in America shoots a Black man fleeing, plants evidence then says he was being attacked.  He got convicted, but only because a citizen caught the incident on his cell phone camera.  Police and prosecutors, political types stand up and say it’s rare.

Really, what Bullshit.

There is no longer Privacy in America when you don’t even know what’s going on.  Doubtful that America is the only guilty party, but 1984 (Orwell) is looking truer and truer.  He might have gotten the date wrong, but not the outcome.

If we let this slow erosion happen, that’s on us. It’s time to wake up and hold people accountable from behind the stone wall of lawyers and denials.

But I’m pretty sure I’ll be dead before the machines take over, but I hope they get these monsters first.