The story conceived by my co-author was originally designed to be an “action only, straight plot” reimagination of the vampire sagas.  However, many excellent novels such as Frankenstein, Moby Dick, and Sophie’s Choice present not only a compelling story but raise religious, philosophical, and political polemics.  Homosexual authors, as an example, could not come out, at least not with their heads intact.  Religion often forbade criticism and scientific progress.

Literature has always been a way to subtly dodge arrest and confinement.  Change is difficult and is disruptive in many parts of the country and the world.  But the evolution of humanity will continue, slowly or rapidly.

“My co-author and I have hoped to create a re-imagined world in three volumes of “literature” not just novels telling a “plot only” story.  Our goal is to write books with relevant social and cultural commentary, some opinion, but mostly just a good read.  You will be the sole judge of the success or failure of our endeavor, as it should be.  I write for an audience of one; me.  I hope you join the audience appreciatively.”

The Trilogy attempts to freeze a point in time, our present, and show what immense changes have occurred in the US, Canada, and Western Europe now and in my lifetime.  I have no answers, just a point of view and a story to tell.

I hope you will read and enjoy this work.