The Cryptid Trilogy was not written with a specific point of view, nor to promote or denigrate any particular religion, philosophy or cultural persuasion.  It was not written to fan the flames of hate or discord, but it was written to call out certain practices that I see in the world.

The authors do not themselves agree on much, particularly politics, religion, political and religious figures, the state of the American experience, not even historical American personages.  My co-author is more wedded to fact; all of them, while I sometimes relax into the mythology of the American experience.  My co-author finds it difficult to admire “heroes” who were slave owners, express admiration for Presidents who were openly racist or who were hypocrites in their daily lives.

I am more forgiving of human failures, having lived many of them myself.  My co-author is not wrong; he simply insists that the whole story be told before we make historical or even contemporary figures into giants.

All I have tried to do is raise issues to think about and expose, not advocate for one lifestyle over another.  My personal belief system insists that we allow for a maximum amount of personal freedom, and that facts ought to guide social and political policy.

I am pro-marijuana legalization, and for the death penalty for those who sell heroin and opioids.  I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative.

I am an unabashed liberal.  I respect principled conservatives but not ignorance, racial animus, or hatred masquerading as policy.

Suppression of civil rights and liberties, such as we see today in voting rights, should be likewise a criminal offense.

There is no discernable difference between political contributions to candidates and PACs and bribery.

You get the drift; an old time leftie.